Ahau – Lords of Yucatán

The fascinating Maya pyramids evoke curiosity and command respect ever since they were created. They are standing tall and proud, reaching for the sky to serve as a memento for the Maya Gods while hiding sacred, dark tombs of legendary rulers deep inside that tell tales of everyday life, culture, and struggles of a bygone era.
And now, they are also your chance to became a Maya Ruler of the Yucatán Peninsula who rules over the most powerful cities.
Collect the tiles, build your pyramid, invoke deities for help on your quest for immortality – but these will only happen if you also learn to be a good Ruler and never forget about your cities, your people, and the needed resources. Anticipate your opponent’s moves and remember that no one is safe in the chaos of the jungle.
Become the leader that centuries, even millennia will not forget and enrich the beautiful culture of the Maya.