The jaguar and the black panther are linked to several mythologies worldwide, and they are known to represent owning tremendous inner power, therefore being free of social restrictions. 

Maya people, alongside Aztecs and Incas, cherished deep respect and devotion to the jaguar. To them, the animal was the ultimate symbol of bravery, fierceness, swiftness, and being ferocious, the perfect icon for a warrior and hunter they strived to become.

A military unit called Jaguar Soldiers was notorious for its elite fighters, purposefully choosing the jaguar for its prestige symbol.

The contemporary priests who were allowed to guide the most important religious ceremonies were given “Balam” to their names, after Ek Balam, the Jaguar God.

In Ahau, the boardgame, you can summon the Jaguar God and invoke its powers to become an even more influential ruler.

Being connected to warfare, the Jaguar God’s power consists of moving your workers in neighbouring cities and activating your own workers while also inactivating your opponent’s workers. This helps you to set your feet in different cities, dominate them,  and to boost the productivity of your workers there. Meanwhile, you can also use this power to displace your opponent’s workers to locations where they become weak or insignificant.