Game Development Finished

We are more than happy to announce that the development phase of Ahau is officially over! Although we enjoyed it very much, and we still have several ideas, it is time for the next phase of a project!

Ahau already went through a long journey since 2018, when it was initially invented. It took dozens of test rounds and brainstorming to find its most recent form. However, despite the many changes, our goal was always the same: to create a fun, deep, and challenging playing experience while maintaining an immersive theme. Mayan Classical period, their gods, and the rivalry between the ancient city-states meant the perfect historical background for Ahau and its area control & worker placement mechanism.

In this article, we would like to share a few recent and essential changes to the game that we made to make it even more enjoyable. But before we begin, let us send a huge thank you to the whole Kicktester-team, who offered valuable help and insight throughout the whole development tirelessly and helped Ahau to reach its full potential.

So…what is new, you ask? 

The gameplay has been separated into several phases. The reason behind this change was that a player’s turn had taken a bit too long, and while it was still fun to play the game, some players were paralyzed by the number of choices they had to make during their turn. Now, the player can focus only on a handful of decisions in each phase:

  • Which cards to select during the movement phase (AKA where should I put my King?).
  • Which tile to pick up from the region (AKA how should I extend my pyramid).
  • Where to put my worker, where to use them to produce resources, and which deities should I activate?

This single change worked wonders when it came to easing the cognitive burden and sped up the gameplay, yet, the gameplay remained deep and challenging.

Although there might be some final tweaking of the rules here and there, it means that now we reached the phase when we can focus our efforts on finishing other aspects of our pre-launch campaign.

  • Finishing the illustration and graphics of the game.
  • Producing at least 20 prototypes to be sent to reviewers and playtesters.
  • Finalizing the rulebook.
  • Finalizing the Tabletop Simulator version of the game, and many more! We also have a surprise for you regarding the TTS version, so be sure to follow us.

We are enthusiastic and motivated about accomplishing these in January 2021, so stay tuned! If you want to be among the first who gets news about the changes and the upcoming campaign, subscribe on our website to our monthly newsletters! : )

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