Achievements of 2020

The end of the year is approaching rapidly, time to take into account the achievements of 2020. It was a challenging year for everyone with some unexpected turns, no doubt. But now, we want to focus on all the positive things and share the progress we have made this year. Let’s dive in!

January 2020: The open playtesting began. Thanks to the Board Game Café for providing the perfect location!

March 2020:  The playtesting ended due to the COVID-19 situation. We needed to find new ways; challenge accepted! We met the Kicktester team and continued to develop the game with their insights. The basics of the game were nailed down. 

April-October 2020: The initial game illustrations were created, and we organized open playtests at local conventions. The feedback we received was positive and valuable, giving us a lot to think about.

September 2020: Endless testing and development. Meanwhile, we focused on the scoring system, and the bases of our online presence were born; Apeiron Games’ website, and social media, namely Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Ahau also got a profile on BoardGameGeeks.

October 2020: A significant change was made in the game mechanism: a turn was broken down into phases, and region cards were added for selecting regions. You can read more about this in our previous article.

November 2020: We added temples and bonus tiles to the game. The testing and twisting were still going on. We were close to the final version, but not just yet! We were – and we still are – determined to reach the game’s full potential.

December 2020: The first version of the game was created in Tabletop Simulator! Our graphic team created new illustrations to correspond with the style of the cover art. The game development is officially finished. But we still have a lot to do; the work continues with finishing the final illustration, the rulebook, and a more polished version of the Tabletop Simulator conversion.

We have many plans to fulfill in January 2021! Stay tuned and do not forget to subscribe to our monthly newsletters to be sure you are the first who hears the news.