The tour among the deities of Ahau continues, and this week, we would like you to take a better look at the highly respected serpent deity of the pre-Columbian Mesoamerica.

Kukulkan, also known as “Feathered Serpent”, is one of the most mysterious figures of the Maya mythology, and the lack of information about him is almost shocking. But despite that, his influence over the Maya culture is still clear – in fact, worshipping Kukulkan seems to be an important factor when the Maya culture was spread, and it also functioned as some kind of bridge between the many different societies of the pre-Columbian Mesoamerica.

In most cases, Kukulkan was portrayed as a serpent with feathers on his body. Occasionally he was depicted with wings on his back and with a human-like head and face. One of the many mysteries around his form is the earliest images, depicting him as an ordinary snake or in a fully human form. Although there are several implications in mythology that Kukulkan must have had a human form as well since he was born of human parents and had a human sibling as well.

Because of the feathers and occasional wings he was portrayed with, the most prominent power he is associated with is flying. His tremendous size is still noted in many forms; he was large enough to sweep the Earth clean, he could cause earthquakes. Although these may sound like a destructive form of power, Kukulkan was never a malevolent deity in the eyes of the ancient Maya. His effect on nature was considered to be more like proof of his existence. 

One of the most well-known pyramid temples is dedicated to Kukulkan, in the city of Chichen Itza. The striking building is decorated with sculptures of feathered serpents all the way by the balustrade. The pyramid has 91 steps on each side, which adds up to 365 steps altogether, exactly the number of days in the Haab’ year.

In Ahau, the board game, you can summon Kukulkan, and he will assist you in removing every obstacle from your way. With his help, you can remove other player’s workers – a number of workers up to the strength of the action –  from one city adjacent to your Ruler. So do not hesitate to summon the Feathered Serpent and use his power wisely as you expand your influence as a Ruler!