From our previous blog posts, you may already know Kukulkan, the Feathered Serpent, Kinich Ahau, the Sun God, and the Jaguar God, protector of fierce warriors; now let’s take a closer look at the ruler of heavens, Itzamna!

Itzamna was known to be tremendously powerful. In some legends, he ruled over the underworld, the earth as the sky as well. The ancient Maya thought Itzamna was the inventor of medicine and medication. Like other Maya deities, he had many roles and forms.

Some sources describe him as the actual creator deity; others claim that he was considered to be the son of the great creator. He had more than one form as well. In his human form, he was presenting himself as an older man with a significantly big nose, square eyes, and – surprisingly – with no teeth at all.
According to yet other sources, his main animal form was either the Bird of Heaven or the Two-Headed Caiman. While disguising himself as a bird, he was often depicted as he dwells on the sacred World Trees.

The Pyramid of the Magician, one of the most well-known and spectacular pyramid temples in Uxmal, is believed to be raised overnight by Itzamna, using only his powerful magic.
Although Itzamna was known as a benevolent god, he will surely support your claim to be the most powerful Ruler in the Yucatán Peninsula if you summon his powers in Ahau! After requesting his help, you will be able to step into adjacent regions and build or destroy pyramid tiles there. This can serve you in many ways, including getting ahead of other players in building your pyramid or denying options from other players.
Stay tuned for the final chapter of the deity introductions next week, where you will meet Chaac, the Rain God!