K’atun as time-unit marker in Ahau

K’atun a time-unit marker was implemented in Ahau Rulers of Yucatán. Our euro-style boardgame is coming to Kickstarter in 2022.

When we mentioned the recent changes in Ahau, we talked about how the K’atun replaced the original Maya calendar. How does this add to the authentic Maya elements? Keep reading to find out.


K’atun historical facts worth knowing

K’atun is a time-unit in the Maya calendar, marking 7200 days, approximately 20 tropical years. In Maya culture, the end of a K’atun was considered significant, and was celebrated. This tradition was highly cherished in Tikal. The Twin-pyramid complex was built to honor the end of the 20 years. This was the first complex built for this purpose, and was followed by eight more.

K’atun was a practical way to keep track of the rulers age. Living through four or five K’atuns meant the ruler earned a honorable title.

We thought integrating this tradition would be exciting and thematic. It also leads to a completely new way of gaining Fame in the game. At the end of every K’atun, your pyramid temple will be evaluated and scored. The game takes place over the period of 4 K’atuns, almost 80 years. This gives plenty of time to preserve your rulership and build a legacy to remember!