Get to know the Movement Phase!

Get to know the Movement Phase! Considering the significant changes in the gameplay – and the upcoming campaign, of course! – we thought we would help you become familiar with the rulebook of Ahau by introducing you to one segment each week. Enjoy, and do not hesitate to reach out in case you have questions!

The gameplay of Ahau consists of two big phases: Movement and Action. During the Movement Phase, all players secretly select two cards from their hand and place those face down next to their player boards. It is against the rules to discuss or to negotiate the choice of cards prior to revealing them simultaneously!

 The left-hand card will decide which region they wish to move their Ruler to. The number on the right-hand card will provide the base military strength of a ruler. In case multiple players have selected the same region, a conflict arises, and the player with the highest military strength will win the conflict and will be able to access the contested region. Other players will have to move their ruler to an adjacent, empty region. The winner of the conflict will also get to advance on the War Track, which will give him or her bonuses, more and more powerful ones.

According to the playtesters’ feedback, the fight for different regions and the card system is one of the most enjoyable aspects of Ahau. When you choose your two cards in each round, you not only need to decide which region you will try and gain access to but by selecting the right-hand card, you also need to decide which region you will NOT be able to access, given that – as a general rule – you will get back your discarded cards only if you have 1 or no card left in your hand. 

Stay tuned for more!