The Role Cards of Ahau – Master Craftsman

One of the exciting new features of Ahau is the presence of the Role Cards! 

While building your pyramid, you have the opportunity to choose one of the five Role Cards by placing a tile in the space with the fitting symbol on it. These cards make the gameplay even more immersive and atmospheric with the spectacular artwork on them, but they also have unique features to offer.

You can use Role Cards as right-hand cards in the Movement Phase. The Role Cards add more to your Military Strength compared to the regular region cards and they also give you bonus powers. These bonuses are only meant to be used in the turn in which you play the Role Card!

From now on, we are sharing one of the Role Cards each week, so you see what you can choose from once Ahau is on your table!


Master Craftsman: 

Ahau combines elements of more than one mechanism; key features of area control, hand management, resource management can all be found in it but undoubtedly worker placement and engine building are its most dominant aspects.

This is why one of the most tricky decisions throughout the game is to where to put your focus. Do you wish to be the first who completes the pyramid temple? Or do you prefer surrounding it with Steles and gain their valuable artifacts? Maybe you feel like advancing on the War Track offers the most for you. But keep in mind that even the best strategy needs to be adaptive and there is no single solution that works in every situation!

If you prioritize building your pyramid temple or Stele(s) as soon and effectively as you can, the Master Craftsman will be your favourite Role Card.  With its help, you get a discount of two resources when building any Pyramid or Stele tile; this can speed up the process of the construction significantly!

Stay tuned for more!