The Role Cards of Ahau – The Master Trader

Wise resource management is a must to succeed in Ahau! This is where the presence of Role Cards come to play. 
Generally, you have the opportunity to deplete a production site, but you must choose from those sites that are adjacent to the city in which you placed a worker during the recent turn. You gain as many resources as the number of workers you have in the adjacent city. Keep in mind that the depleted site cannot offer any more resources in the same K’atun!

Master Trader:

By choosing the Master Trader role card, you gain great control over the production and you have the chance to deplete any production site on the gameboard. As a bonus, you even get two additional resources of the same colour!
Keeping good track of your supply is vital as you need to spend or exchange resources on everything that helps you progress, like building your pyramid, stele tiles, trading. Remember, when it comes to choosing whether you would like to build or produce, they may be equally important and it is best to keep them progressing side by side.
Become a Master Trader to be able to deplete any production site that seems to come in handy!