Important cities in Ahau – Yaxchilán

There are a handful of important cities in Ahau, the boad game. Yaxchilán is one of the oldest known Maya cities; its history dates back to the Preclassic Period.

Yopaat B’alam I founded the city and became its ruler when Yaxchilián was still a relatively small site right next to the Usumacinta River, along the trade route to Palenque and Tikal. Eventually, Yaxchilán grew to be a particularly powerful Maya city-state, almost in constant rivalry with Piedras Negras.

Fájl:Yaxchilan 1.jpg – Wikipédia

Even today, the place is known for its temples, grand staircases, and carvings. The site of Yaxhcilán today contains impressive ruins, with palaces and temples bordering a large plaza upon a terrace above the Usumacinta River.


The city was divided into three major groups of buildings: the West, the Center, and the South Acropolis. Maybe the most striking part of the city is the enormous sculpture of a headless human figure located in the Center Acropolis among its many individual structures. It is most likely to depict Bird Jaguar IV since the structure was entirely dedicated to him.


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