Who Are We?

APEIRON Games is an independent board game and media publisher. We are a family-sized, diverse team of board game lovers of various ages and backgrounds. Our core mission is to create games that provide players with a deep, challenging, and immersive experience. When you pick up an Apeiron game, you will find inspiration and entertainment—richly detailed to share our love of world culture and history. We seek to tailor our titles to the needs and wants of the gaming community, whilst striving to create a fresh, fun, and educational experience. 

noun, apei·​ron, origin: Ancient Greek
The unlimited, indeterminate, and indefinite abyss.
The boundless origin from which all things are born.

Our Games

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Ahau: Rulers of Yucatán

Ahau: Rulers of Yucatán is an innovative Euro-Ameri hybrid board game, combining classic elements of worker placement and resource management with a brand new system for dual-engine building and fight for worker zones. Set in the Classic Period of the Maya, the game has a fascinating and immersive theme. Each and every element of Ahau has been lovingly balanced to provide you with the most engaging and challenging gameplay.

In the game, players take the role of rulers competing for dominance over the entire Yucatán peninsula. Over the course of three eras called K’atuns, players will build their own capital city and a glorious pyramid temple to appease the mighty Mayan gods and request their supernatural interventions. At the end of the game, the ruler with the most Fame wins!

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Ahau Eclipse Expansion

Each Eclipse card raises the stakes even higher, giving you more challenges and quests, changing the dynamic of each round, and pushing players to improvise with cunning and observation.

This expansion introduces more scoring opportunities, resource conversion, summoning, and strategic gameplay in each round. You might get trapped in a Great Flood, or Called for a Duel at the top of a pyramid!

New building tiles introduce Titanic Structures, which show the true power of ancient civilizations! Try to get all the needed parts to rise your immortal building in the echoes of eternity!

New components include leaders, buildings, cards, tokens, and many more surprises! This special collection of pyramid tiles works in a new way, for even more pyramid-building fun and more competition for regions holding these treasures. 

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