Ahau Rulers of Yucatan is an innovative Euro-style board game, with combined elements of worker placement, resource management, engine building, and area control.

It is the dawn of the Classic period of the Maya civilization. Out of the world of shadowy kings and palaces of the Preclassical Period, a new, vivid era emerges. Regional powers rise and start to compete for control, forming alliances, and creating enemies along the way. Constant warfare ravages the land, dynasties rise and fall.

To survive rulers need to impress not only their subjects, but also their neighboring city-states. This requires more than just wearing feather headdresses and relying on a council of nobles and priests: they need to demonstrate their military powers, secure vital supplies, and establish enormous strongholds.

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This version of Ahau is a work in progress. The rules and graphics do not reflect final polish. If you have any improvement ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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