Explore our brand new strategy board game titled Ahau – Lords of Yucatán.

Become the most powerful ruler in the Yucatán Peninsula during the ancient Mayan Golden Age. Place your workers in the right cities at the right time to collect resources and gain influence. Build your pyramid temple to invoke the power of the ancient Mayan gods, who will help you through your mission.

Ahau meaning “ruler” in Mayan, is fun, deep and challenging. You have to think carefully which worker to place where, which one to activate or leave rested, which tile to build into your pyramid, and which tiles to activate. There is intense competition to gain the best tiles and get the majority in cities that are most important to each player, and the players’ path to victory will inevitably cross.

Ahau is a thematic Euro style board game with an interesting mix of area control, tableau building and worker placement. Our plan is to publish the game in 2021.

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